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Bocas Sanas’ partner organizations

Bocas Sanas started its work in 2008 at the invitation of Fundación Candida Minaya, an organization providing health care and education for Dominican children in and around Maimón  (https://zonvoormaimon.nl/tag/candida-minaya/, only in Dutch).

In the Netherlands, Bocas Sanas has collaborated with the Foundation for Aid to the Dominican Republic (SHDR), which helped by making space available for Bocas Sanas dental material in the containers with aid it shipped to the Dominican Republic.

Bocas Sanas also cooperates with the Dental Health International Foundation, Dutch branch, http://www.dhin.nl/, with extensive experience in the field of dental care in developing countries. DHIN provides both knowledge and material.

In the Dominican Republic, Bocas Sanas cooperates closely with dental professionals from the Ministry of Health, especially for curative care, and with the Ministry of Education through the schools participating in the Bocas Sanas program. There is also close collaboration with toothpaste and toothbrush manufacturer Colgate Palmolive Dominicana, which supplies toothpaste and toothbrushes as well as information and instruction on proper oral care.

Since 2014 there is also cooperation with the Centro de Salud y Prevención CEPREDIMA, a private clinic that makes available its facilities, at minimal cost, for the treatment of school children with dental problems.