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The Bocas Sanas Board

Chair woman: Cristina Vasquez-Doorman

Cristina, founder and chair of Bocas Sanas, is a dental professional with extensive experience in promoting community oral health care and prevention and the oral health of children. Prior to founding Bocas Sanas Holanda-Maimón Cristina worked in dentistry for 20 years, for the Dominican Ministry of Health, in projects funded by international donors, and in various private clinics in the Dominican Republic and The Netherlands.

Treasurer: Selma Burrekers

Selma has worked as an oral hygienist since 1980. She has ample experience in general practice, including her own, and in orthodontics, periodontology, and education. She has also worked with mentally and physically impaired people, and in education. She has had various management functions in the Dutch Association of Oral Hygienists (NVM).

Secretary: Agatha Rypma-Huitema

Agatha graduated in 1989 as a dental hygienist and works as a children’s dental care provider in a general practice. She has been working as secretary of Bocas Sanas since 2013.

Board member: Frans Doorman

Frans is a consultant for development cooperation specializing in rural development. As Cristina’s husband he became increasingly involved with Bocas Sanas, and with his knowledge of and experience in the field of (participatory) project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting he supports Cristina’s work in the Dominican Republic.

Board member: Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven

Yvonne is a social psychologist and oral hygienist (PhD). As independent behavioral scientist, researcher and consultant, she is involved in research at the interface of health psychology and preventive oral health care. She volunteered for applied research and was involved in the oral health and hygiene program of the Bocas Sanas Holanda-Maimón (BSHM) Foundation.